Bottoms Up!!!

The temperature finally rose above freezing yesterday just in time for the 23rd annual Bockfest here in Cincinnati, Ohio.  My favorite daughter was here in town to celebrate her 24th birthday,  so we decided to head on down to the city to join in on the festivities.   Seeing that this event is a celebration of all things good in the city, it just seemed foolish not to.

Facebook and texts alerted us to everyone’s where a’ bouts throughout the day as we traversed the city establishments.  What a great time!!!  In the evening we headed on over to the main hall to hook up with our friends Ed and Karen from Wildey Flower Farm (best flowers in the entire city) to watch the crowning of the sausage queen for 2015.  We were given a blessing by the reigning king who reminded us that where there is a hall full of people drinking beer, there must be plenty of Germans, and plenty of Catholics.

Guilty on both counts.  I think he gave us permission to be late for mass today?

Anyway….Having all of these good folks together in one room got me thinking about a different kind of “Bottoms up”. fb-profilepic-4

I have a huge German Family.  A family that suffers from hereditary colon cancer.  March is colon cancer prevention month and a time to remind everyone to take the opportunity to know your health risks and to get screened.  Be aware, alcohol raises your risk of colon cancer.  Always drink responsibly:)

So, to my Big German Family and to all of you…BOTTOMS UP!!  Let’s make sure that not one more person gets a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis.

Here is more information on who needs to and when to be screened

Dedicated in loving memory to my dad, Bob Dierig who passed away at age 51 from colon cancer.  He was a great brother to his siblings (all 18 of them). He enjoyed family outings, playing golf and cards with his brothers.  He would have loved Bockfest too.  We miss you dad.

Scan 151

By Your Side

On a sunny day, a long time ago It was 1980 and I had just turned sixteen.

A beautiful little boy, with his big blue eyes and his bright blonde hair said to me, “My daddy’s not going to die like your daddy did.  He told me so.”

I fought back my tears and wished that my dad had remembered to tell me that…so he could still be with me….and I said “Yeah, your right, your daddy’s not going’ die”.  I prayed to God that it would be so!!!

Three generations now and life doesn’t turn out like you thought it would be.

More people get the cancer.  It just doesn’t seem right.

They gave you the concrete mind.  You fight hard for your family.  You look up facts, make appointments and call researchers, send emails.  No answers yet.

Not one more child should have to lose a loved one to this deadly disease.

Channeling June and Johnny when you get the news that you have the gene.  Will you be the next in line?  Their love shown through in every song they sang.  Maybe some other love has been carrying you through?  Their love that has been with you through thick and thin.  It has been there all the while.  Getting the right people on your side, keeping people here who shouldn’t be, leading you in the right direction, giving you the answers.

We are now 4 generations and it is time for this to end.  Children have moms and dads and grandmas that they want to have around.  That little boy is now a man with children of his own.  It’s time for all of us to say, “I’m going to be here with you for a long time”.  Take charge, take care!!!  There is hope.

When it’s my time, when I see Marj and Bob again, I’m going to give them both a great big hug and kiss.  Tell them how much I have missed them.  Most of all, thank them for never leaving me!!!!

Marj and Bob dancing sent by Mary Dierig Stowers after dad's funeral

Marj and Bob dancing
sent by Mary Dierig Stowers after dad’s funeral


Go to the following link if you would like to know more about Lynch Syndrome , hereditary colon cancers and genetic testing.