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It Takes a Team

19112876-footprintOnly one more day until the March of Dimes March for Babies and we are pumped!!!!!  True to form in the lives of Midwives, it seems like all of our full term, post term babies decided to come this week!!!  Yippee we are keeping them in the full 40 and they are doing well.  Midwives have always been champions of letting pregnancies progress as they should as long as mom and baby look good.  The March of Dimes supports us in this cause and we in turn are supporting the March of Dimes in their effort to get the word out.


Looks like our accessories are coming together…….Custom designed T-shirts by Mandy and Elisabeth…Check!!!!

Sorry they are hush hush…you will have to wait for tomorrow to see them 🙂

Fingernails painted in March of Dimes purple by lovely volunteers……..

March of Dimes Purple!!!!

March of Dimes Purple!!!!

Covergirl volunteers getting the girls gussied up for the walk

Covergirl volunteers getting the girls gussied up for the walk


Purple boas to set off our T-shirts…..

Can't wait to sport these boas!!!!

Can’t wait to sport these boas!!!!


Weather forecast for the walk??  Just as I promised partly sunny with highs in the mid-seventies.  Click here for the full forecast.


It is not too late to join us in our efforts as we support this great organization.  Please consider coming out and joining us as we walk or making a donation to our team.   In one easy click, you can make a donation to our team to support this fine organization.  The March of Dimes is committed to helping moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies.  If something goes wrong, the March of Dimes offers information and comfort to families. They are the leaders in supporting research that will help keep babies strong and healthy.  It takes a team to keep babies strong and we need your support!!!!!  


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