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Spring Break, Sunshine & Girl Scout Cookies

Living in grey Cincinnati can be pretty depressing at times.   It seems like the clouds get sucked into the Ohio Valley and refuse to leave.  This year has been especially brutal with freezing temperatures and weekly snowstorms.  I have been trying to practice my mindfulness, appreciating the beauty around me and reminding myself that the snow only brings the opportunity to cozy up by the fire.  I do have to admit that I have found myself looking forward to this week and it lived up to all of my expectations!!!

My youngest decided to come home from college for spring break after all.  He had planned to go on a mission trip to Virginia to help build homes but a minor illness derailed those plans.  He came home on Friday with laundry in tow:)  It is so great to have him home!!!!  The dogs can hardly contain themselves…their buddy is back who takes them for walks through thick and thin.  Me, I am more of a fair weather girl…

Which is why I was particularly excited about today.  The chores were done yesterday so today was for enjoying.  Here is how the day shaped up….First of all, the sun decided to come out.  Hallelujah!  I love how the sunlight bounces off the table on my sunporch 🙂

Sunlight streaming on sunporch

Sunlight streaming on sunporch

Then, after much anticipation; my friend and her daughter delivered my girl scout cookies that I have been looking forward to for weeks.  I don’t know which was better, the visit or the cookies?!

Kate showing off her favorite girls scout cookies!

The weather was so beautiful that I even got to go for a walk.  (I am behind taking the pic)…

The youngest with the dogs

The youngest with the dogs

Hopefully your day was wonderful too!  After I tackle the girl scout cookies, I will be back to taking my walks….as soon as spring arrives, that is.  Next week Liz Bonis, health reporter for Local 12 news will share her fitness tips.  Be sure to stay tuned!!!!

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